General Conditions of

These General Conditions define the content of the invoicing service and stipulate the rights and obligations between the service user and Arveteenus OÜ in providing the invoicing service.

  1. Definitions
    1. The invoicing service provider is Arveteenus OÜ /, a private limited company established and registered on the basis of the laws of the Republic of Estonia, the registry code of which is 14806310 and the registered office is at Narva mnt. 63/1, 10120 Tallinn, Harju County, Republic of Estonia.
    2. offers a salary intermediation and settlement service. mediates remuneration payments to the User on the basis of an agreement between the User and the customer in accordance with the procedure prescribed in the General Conditions and calculates the taxes payable to the state based on the invoices issued by the User. Through the service, the User may obtain Estonian pension and health insurance.
    3. Health insurance is incurred by the Client in case of working on the basis of a contract under the law of obligations under the conditions specified in clause 5.4 after receipt of the first payment
    4. environment is the User's unique account in the web application at together with its subpages, which the User can use to issue an invoice to their customer for the ordered work, manage invoices and make salary payments.
    5. The User is a natural person who has entered into a Service Agreement for the use of the service. is also open for use by self-employed persons, but no differences are made in the calculation of state taxes for self-employed persons compared to natural persons.
    6. The User's customers are individuals or companies who order work from the User and to whom issues an official invoice for the User's work in order to receive remuneration.
    7. The Service Agreement is an agreement entered into between the User and upon joining the environment, by which the User agrees to abide by the General Conditions when starting to use the service.
    8. The General Conditions are set forth in this document.
    1. By joining the environment, a Service Agreement is concluded between you and Joining is free of charge and signing up does not involve any financial obligations. Once you have joined the environment, will provide you with a personal account, which you can access with the username and password of your choice. By clicking on the "Join" button at the end of the registration application, you confirm the following:
      1. You have carefully read, fully understood and agree to comply with these General Conditions
      2. All the information you have submitted to is accurate, correct and complete
      3. You will not allow other persons to use your account or transfer it to any other person unless there is a written authorization
      4. You will not use the service for unauthorized or illegal purposes and will not unjustifiably damage the reputation or proper functioning of
      5. Your account information is correct, and you will update the information reflected in your profile
      6. You comply with the laws and regulations in force in the territory where you provide the services/products invoiced through the invoicing services
      7. You agree that processes your personal data. The principles of personal data processing are available in the environment
      8. When using the service for concluding a contract for services for a young person under the age of 18, it must be approved by the parent or other legal representative of the minor.
    2. In order to issue an invoice for work done, you must submit your bank account information that uses to pay the received salary. is not responsible for incorrect money transfers if the User has submitted incorrect bank details..
    1. Upon joining, the User incurs the right to use the service and other services offered on the website in accordance with the General Conditions and the information on the website.
    2. Before you do the work.
      1. The User agrees with his or her client on the tasks, prices and that the settlement takes place through
      2. After reaching an agreement, the User fills in the data required for issuing an invoice in the environment.
      3. accounting center generates a prepayment invoice (Order confirmation) for the customer's information and confirmation.
    3. After you do the work
      1. a) Depending on whether the invoice was agreed to be paid in advance or after the work was done, the customer of the User will receive an invoice before or after the work is performed via
      2. b) The invoice is paid into the account of
    4. The User can see the salaries paid to them in their personal account in the environment. Remuneration payment from the account to the bank account specified by the USER is made in the accounting center based on the User's invoice no later than within 2 working days.
    1. Joining the environment and issuing an invoice for the work is free of charge.
    2. service fee consists of the invoice handling fee, which is calculated from the amount received upon payment of the invoice, and the payout fee, which is calculated from the amount paid out according to the price list on the website.
    3. Fulfillment of the state tax liability. calculates and pays all state taxes for the User upon payment of remuneration:
      • personal income tax, including the possibility to calculate tax-free income up to the maximum amount permitted by law
      • social tax
      • pension insurance (optional, only at the User's request)
      • unemployment insurance tax
    4. If the tax authority submits a reasoned request to regarding the activities of the User in connection with the use of the service, may make information about the activities of the User available to the state tax authority to the extent provided by law.
    1. is an information society service provider within the meaning of the Information Society Services Act.
    2. Exclusion of employment and recruitment. only simplifies invoicing for work between the User and their customer. and the User do not have an employment relationship, employment contract or partnership pursuant to the Employment Contracts Act. The user may not act as an employee, agent, or representative of, or enter into agreements on behalf of
    3. When using the service, no contractual relationship arises between and the User's customer.
    4. Occurrence of health insurance. submits income and social tax, mandatory funded pension payment and unemployment insurance contribution declaration (TSD) for the Client immediately after receiving the salary to the account. The health insurance will take effect on the day following the deadline for submission of the TSD. In order to receive health insurance, social tax must be declared for the Client through one or more TSDs each month at least to the extent of the minimum obligation provided for in the State Budget Act.
      1. The insurance cover of the insured person is suspended after one month, if according to the information received from the Tax and Customs Board, social tax to the extent of the minimum liability has not been declared for the person by the set date.
      2. Suspended insurance cover will continue the next day after the receipt of the data certifying the fulfillment of the declared minimum social tax obligation by the health insurance fund.
      (For more information on health insurance, visit
    1. The environment is available for use "as is" and "as available". does not claim or warrant that access to the environment will work without interruption or error.
    2. As the receipt of remuneration to the account depends on the behavior of the User's customer, cannot guarantee that as a result of using the User will receive remuneration within the term indicated on the invoice.
    3., board members and employees are not liable for any damage that may occur to the User due to the use of the environment, including:
      • direct or indirect material damage;
      • loss of income;
      • loss of business, loss of orders, loss of reputation that may result from business interruptions;
      • loss or inaccuracy of data;
      • any other damage;
    4.'s liability for damage caused by a breach of the Service Agreement is limited to 500 euros. The User has the right to demand compensation for damage only if intentionally violates the Service Agreement.
    5. is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the Users or the User's customers using the environment and is not responsible for the damage caused by the User's customers to the User and vice versa.
    1. These General Conditions are a part of the Service Agreement and enter into force for the User if they submit a registration application on the website. Other terms and agreements enter into force for the User from the moment the terms and conditions are made available to the User and the User starts or continues to use the service via the environment.
    2. The User may cancel the Service Agreement at any time by closing their account in the environment. After that, the User will be removed from all mailing lists and he will no longer be able to log in to the site. The account can be re-activated only through customer service.
    3. has the right to cancel the Service Agreement without prior notice and restrict access to the account if the User violates the Service Agreement, the General Conditions, applicable law, causes damage to the trademark, reputation, or business of or its subsidiaries.
    1. The laws of the Republic of Estonia shall apply to the agreement. If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, the dispute shall be resolved in the Kentmann Courthouse of the Harju County Court in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia.
    1. 1. If the General Conditions change, the updated version will be posted on the website and the User will be notified at least 14 days in advance. If the User continues to use the environment, it is considered that the User has agreed to the amended General Conditions.

Date of entry into force of the General Conditions: 01.03.2021